Sacrifice to Desolate Spirits (1980) Full Movie

Sacrifice to Desolate Spirits
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Watch Sacrifice to Desolate Spirits (1980) : Full Movie Online Free Upon their invasion of Taiwan in 1874, the Japanese team up with a sinister tong to hold a martial arts tournament in a plot to root out and assassinate the region's top resistance fighters, thereby breaking the spirit of Chinese patriotism. Two local kung-fu masters prove more than a match for the invaders.

Title Sacrifice to Desolate Spirits
Release Date Mar 21, 1980
Genres , ,
Production Company Sing Hai Film (H.K.) Co.
Production Countries Taiwan
Casts Tien Hsiang Lung, Tung Li, Man-Ching Ku, Hsia Chiang, Chen-kuo Chao, Chen-ti Chao, Mei Hua Chen, Shen-lin Chen, Tan Chen, Ching Cheng, Cheung Wai
Plot Keywords martial arts, fight,
Tien Hsiang Lung
Tung Li
Man-Ching Ku
Hsia Chiang
Chen-kuo Chao
Chen-ti Chao
Mei Hua Chen
Shen-lin Chen
Tan Chen
Ching Cheng
Cheung Wai
Kai Chia
Chien Ying Chiu
Chin Fei
Ho Wei-Hsiung
Hsiao Hou Tao
Hsiao Wang
Yan Hsiao
Kuo-Liang Hsu
Kuo-Liang Hsu
Li Chiang
Lin Kuang-Yung
Liu Wen-pin
Pin Lo
Yi Lung Lu
Chang Ma
Yu Feng Ma
Pei-Pei Niu
Hao-do Shao
Chao Tseng
Yue Fung
Yun Chung-Yueh
Viola Ku
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